Who are we?


Tanktech BV is founded in 2008 and is based in The Netherlands. 

Tanktech is active in the marine and shipbuildingmarket.

The staff consists of Naval Architects with a nautical background.  



The mainactivities of Tanktech BV can be split up into:                          

              - Tankcalibration      

              - 3D-scan and Retrofitprojects   

These activities are carried out on all kinds of vessels and marinestuctures.

Tanktech BV acts worldwide and has agents in several shipbuildingcountries.       

Calibration and Accreditation

For it's tankcalibrationactivities Tanktech BV is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA, ref K177. 

The accreditation of Tanktech BV ensure the highest level of trust between tradingpartners. 

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