During the calibration of tanks the exact true volume of a tank is determined. The calibration results in a capacitytable in which the volume as function of the height or pressure is given. The entire calibrationproces is defined in approved procedures and equipment according the ISO 17025:2017 standard. The ensure the accuracy and confidence of our certificates Tanktech BV is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (see reg. number K177).

Within the field of Shiptankcalibrations, on 20th december 2018 Tanktech BV was the first company to be accredited according the new ISO 17025/2017 Qualitystandard.

Tankcalibrations are carried out on newbuilt and existing: – single- and doublehull inland tankervessels with integrated cargotanks; – doublehull seagoing tankervessels with integrated cargotanks; – seagoing- and inlandvessels with seperate built-in cargotanks; – HFO- and MDO-tanks of seagoing vessels. For our full scope of accredited activities please visithttps://www.rva.nl/system/scopes/file_nls/000/000/991/original/K177-scn.pdf?1547514022

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