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Completed Scanprojects February 2020

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
LNG Tanker121730 tWBTSRas Laffan Qatar
Bulk Carier206478 tScrubberGuaiba IslandBrazil


Completed Scanprojects January 2020

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Container Ship50435 tWBTSLissabonPortugal
LPG tanker49999 tWBTSSitrahBahrain
Bulk Carier55694 tWBTSMarseilleFrankrijk


Completed Scanprojects December 2019 

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Passenger ShipunknownDamageAmsterdamNetherlands


Completed Scanprojects November 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Crude Oil Tanker311620 tWBTSCiudad del CarmenMexico
Oil / Chem. Tanker15551 tWBTSIstanbul Turkey
Bulk Carier179376 tWBTSIstanbul Turkey


Completed Scanprojects October 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Bulk Carier58110 tWBTSAmsterdamThe Netherlands
Passenger Ship5340 tWBTSTrapaniItaly

1-10-2019 Tanktech completes flatness survey of Doublebottom in cargohold.

Two weeks after our inspection two cablecarousels will be installed. To get an impressions of the flatness and deviations of the doublebottom height, we scanned the cargoholds.

After processing the data we submitted a heatmap as per shown below. The Acad-drawing of the carrousel was inserted in the pointcloud on the actual position of the equipment. In this way we were able to determine the exact height of eacht seperate shimplate. 

17-09-2019 TankTech completed a Hull alignment check

This client wanted to be sure that the for- and aftsection of this passengervessel were properly aligned before they were connected.

With our Totalstation we measured the vertical and horizontal alignment after which the figures were put in a graphical presentation.

Completed Scanprojects September 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Bulk Carier50806 tWBTSAlexandriaEgypt
Bulk Carier22303 tWBTSIzmirTurkey
Bulk Carier11853 tWBTSIstanbul Turkey

Completed Scanprojects August 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Oil / Chemical Tanker51551 tWBTSOdense Denmark
Oil / Chemical Tanker52725 tWBTSNantongChina
Bulk Carier36056 tWBTSAntwerpBelgium

Completed Scanprojects July 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Container Ship98849 tWBTS+ScrubberRotterdamThe Netherlands
Bulk Carier29637 tWBTSAbidjan Ivory Coast
Bulk Carier55614 tWBTSMarseilleFrance

Completed Scanprojects June 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Bulk Carier92330 tWBTSEl SokhnaEgypt
General Cargo33271 tWBTSRotterdamThe Netherlands
Bulk Carier177173 tWBTS+Scrubbersanta Cruz de TenerifeSpain
Oil / Chemical Tanker 53116 tWBTSRotterdamThe Netherlands
Crude Oil Tanker115948 tWBTSVladivostokRussia

Completed Scanprojects May 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Container Ship11408 tWBTSDuring sailingSpain
Crude Oil Tanker109010 tWBTS+ScrubberDuring sailingTurkey – Italy
Bulk Carier176217 tWBTSPonta da MadeiraBrazil
Crude Oil Tanker109005 tWBTS+ScrubberDuring sailingTurkey-Israel
Bulk Carier76596 tWBTSSan Ciprian Spain

Completed Scanprojects April 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Container Ship46975 tWBTS+ScrubberBeverenBelgium
Bulk Carier180145 tWBTS+ScrubberRichards BaySouth Africa


Order received for scanning 3 RoRo-vessels

Today we received the order for scanning 3 RoRo-vessels. Scanning will be done in Turkey and Italy. The vessels will be equipped with a WBMS and Scrubbersystem, so funnels and enginerooms will be part of the scope. More details will follow…

Completed Scanprojects March 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Crude Oil Tanker302303 tWBTS+ScrubberFujairahUnited Arab Emirates
Bulk Carier180230 tWBTS+ScrubberSept-Îles Canada 
Ro-Ro Cargo14103 tScrubberÇeşmeTurkey  
Ro-Ro Cargo13231 tWBTS+ScrubberÇeşmeTurkey  
Ro-Ro Cargo13231 tWBTS+ScrubberÇeşmeTurkey
Ro-Ro Cargo 14107 tScrubberÇeşmeTurkey

Tanktech completes the scanning of an inlandvessel aftship inlandvessel for CFD Purposes

On 5-3-2019 the aftship of an inlandvessel was scanned. From the scan a 3D-model and several Mesh models were created and sent to our  principal (designcompany).

Tanktech BV gets order for scanning engineroom of VLCC

Monday 4-3-2019 we received the order for scanning an engineroom for WBMS purpose. After the Visa was applied we took of and arrived at the vessel in Furaijah (UAE) on March 6th late night. 

Upon arrival we immediately started scanning. 16 hours (of continous scanning) later the scanjob was finished at the same time the bunkeroperations were completed.

Completed Scanproject January 2019

Vessel TypeDeadweightScopeLocationCountry
Bulk Carier82589 tWBTS+ScrubberPanama CanalPanama

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