Retrofit can be defined as adding or modifying parts into or onto existing systems or constructions. This is exactly the application for which 3D-scanning gives a ideal solution.

Based on the pointclouds a 3D-model of the existing situation is created. The parts which must be modified or added can easily be incorporated in the 3D-model. This gives a perfect visualization of the situation after the modifications, even before the repairwork has started.

Fields in which Retrofit gives a solution are:
– installation of Scrubber- and Waterballastmanagement systems;
– CFD-calculations of hulls;
– preparing productiondocumentation of damaged hulls (without newbuildingdrawings).
– all kinds of conversions of existing hulls and constructions of which class- , construction- and productiondrawings are required .

For realized projects we refer to our projectfolder.

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