Tank Calibration

What is Tank Calibration

With the calibration services from Tanktech® BV, you can be sure of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties and helping maximize profits.

Our calibration services utilize dynamic measurement systems instrumentation to achieve dynamic measurement accuracy. 

Our experts have many years of experience in the shipping industry, working on calibration using a wide range of international measurement reference standards.

3D- Scanning

3D scanning with 3D laser devices

We make 3D Scans by 3D Laser devices. Within a few years, all seagoing Vessels must be equipped with a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS).

In order to ensure proper implementation of the BWTS, a client asked us to make a 3D-scan of the existing piping system in the engine room.

The 3D-models will be used for engineering and prefab purposes.

Type of tanks

Because we use 3D-software and laser equipment, it is possible to calibrate all kinds of tanks, even those with an irregular shape.

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